NFT future: interview with art and NFT management agency founder

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3 min readApr 1, 2021


Short interview with Marina, CoFounder at, art and NFT management agency, partner and advisor for dART.

What do you think about NFT’s future? Where it will be in 2 years? In 10?

I am interested in what is happening here and now. The interest in NFT is huge. I am witnessing a real revolution in the art market. The behavioral patterns of crypto collectors are copied by collectors of paintings and graphics. The demand for new names has grown significantly.

The importance of museum exhibitions in the portfolio of artists has been revised. New period has come: it is prestigious to exhibit artwork not only in a museum, but also on the Internet. Previously, the attitude was different. Online platforms have been discriminated against. But the experience during the lockdown has shown that all the best has moved to the Internet.

I see NFT not just as an investment vehicle, but also as part of a booming online business. The artists finally realized this. And now we are defining the terms of cooperation with them. We select the most effective tools for the promotion of works: both digital and traditional painting. In the future, perhaps the excitement will fade and the demand for NFT will stabilize. We will be watching this process. Since I believe that NFTs have a bright future, I invest my strength and resources in creating media channels dedicated to them.

Do you think digital work will be as much appreciated as usual art in the future?

Each of the art forms has a right to exist. If you go to any biennale of contemporary art, you will see both painting and new media. It’s the same on the Internet. Only tools for selling digital art have just started working.

NFT and safety: what are the challenges?

Security is one of the most pressing issues in the crypto community. For my part, I would like to cite an example of an electronic document management systems. They are designed to solve critical business problems related to the management, storage and integration of documents, various files and other important information contained in various information systems and business applications. Cryptographic technologies are used in electronic document management systems. We are already used to them.

And in 2021, we completely abandoned paperwork. There are few electronic document management systems. But they are reliable. I appreciated the benefits of such platforms from my own experience. The reliability of NFT platforms is questioned by a number of crypto professionals. Reasons: technical and economic risks. NFT buyers are being scared. What will happen to your assets if the platform is closed or closed? Yes, there are such conversations.

About dART

dART is the first decentralized platform built to protect against hacks and exploitations of NFTs. With NFTs evolving from an obscure digital asset to a global phenomenon, generating hundreds of millions of dollars of trading volume per month, dART offers discretionary insurance to protect the value of NFTs. NFTs from artists such as Beeple have sold for $69 million; with such expensive assets in a highly unregulated and decentralized ecosystem, taking out insurance coverage is the only way to guarantee the safe keeping of your asset. In the case of any malicious activity that results in the loss of your NFT, you are fully covered.

dART will be launching on Binance Smart Chain to capitalize on its functionality, ease of use, and large user base. With extremely fast transaction speeds and low transaction costs, dART will add a highly accessible additional level of security for all NFT collectors and investors.