Introducing dART — a solution to insure NFT assets

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2 min readMar 18, 2021


Remember how just a few years ago, NFTs were a cringe-worthy, geeky matter? And look at them today: with endless opportunities for artists (finally!) and entrepreneurs, with Christie’s Auctions selling its first NTF (now famous Beeple), we can undoubtedly call them a phenomenal success. And that’s not changing any time soon!

All great work, from Picasso to Bleeple, has always been at serious risk. It’s a big challenge to own something of such significant financial and sentimental value. What if it gets stolen or damaged?

With the value held in NFT assets rapidly growing, the need for NFT insurance solutions is more pressing than ever before. Over $6 million in NFT value was traded on Valentine’s day alone and the cumulative market was worth over $250 million by the end of 2020. With no current NFT insurance solutions, much of this value is exposed to exploits and hacks.

The challenges of the owner are great opportunities for us.

Until now, the ability for NFT holders to protect against unforeseen risks has been nonexistent. No NFT platform has incorporated insurance solutions for its users. dART will be the first to address this.

dART users will secure insurance for their assets directly from the dART terminal, and our solution will be integrated into the NFT marketplaces.

The ability to insure NFT assets will become easily accessible to all crypto users. As the value being held in NFTs continues to grow, the ability to protect against risks becomes essential. dART will be the first platform allowing its users to insure their NFT assets.

$dART token

dART is a project that aims to change the NFT and insurance markets and introduce more innovative and user-friendly ways to earn money. Of course, our values are the most important to us, and on top of them, all are our customers.

That’s why we have built dART token to be an integral part of our ecosystem. It will influence our platform and the NFT insurance market in a major way and allow us to achieve greater results by involving our community when making crucial decisions. To show our community and clients that they are important to us, we will introduce dART governance token.

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