dART partners with NFT ALLEY: product integration and joined pool coming soon

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2 min readMay 21, 2021


We are happy to announce a partnership with NFT ALLEY — decentralized NFT marketplace.

dART’s platform enables users to receive coverage for NFTs by acting as an insurance intermediary between buyers and sellers such as independent artists, brands, and institutions.

NFT Alley is a decentralized “one-stop-shop” for minting, purchasing, and selling digital collectibles seamlessly. It is an early-stage avant-garde multi-chain NFT marketplace that pushes the bounds of open finance.

Due to partnership NFT ALLEY clients will get easier access to insurance and NFT Alley adds an extra layer of safety through a seamless integrated insurance protocol.

It opens another door for the adoption of dART. In this case insurance business is based on partnership and we are happy that we already have many strong partners in the NFT field and NFT ALLEY is now one of them.

To strengthen this partnership — joined staking pools are planned. Users will be able to stake $ALLEY and $dART tokens in the new joint staking pool on dART’s platform. On completion of the program, users will be able to claim back their tokens and also receive additional rewards.

Joint staking pools coming soon, stay tuned.

How to get $dART 👇

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About dART

dART is the first decentralized, peer-to-peer NFT insurance coverage platform. With the exploding interest in NFTs around the world, it is time users are able to fully protect their digital treasures, which can easily hold multimillion-dollar price tags. If you owned a physical piece of art, it would be foolish to have it uninsured, as if it gets damaged or stolen, you have no recourse. We apply the same concept to the blockchain world, offering insurance and assurance to NFT holders on various platforms. This will eliminate the user’s fear of losing the value they have accrued in their NFT collections.

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