dART Partners With ArtCollecting.info

dART insurance
3 min readMar 26, 2021


We are excited to announce our first official partnership with a platform integrating our decentralized NFT insurance services. Through our collaboration with ArtCollecting.info, created a CPA & CPL Network to sell digital art, we will be introducing the first-ever example of decentralized insurance coverage for digital artwork. This partnership will allow us to showcase our innovative platform as a live proof-of-concept, demonstrating to NFT investors and collectors the benefits of taking out decentralized insurance coverage and utilizing dART.

Through this new partnership, all ArtCollecting.info users will be able to easily take out decentralized and discretionary insurance coverage on their NFTs, protecting their value in case an unforeseen event or malicious actor compromises them. ArtCollecting.info facilitates buying, selling, trading, and collecting for individuals, international museums, e-commerce entities, and more, many of which own extremely valuable digital artwork. With the ability to connect online stores to NFT marketplaces, ArtCollecting.info has a diverse and growing user base that will benefit greatly from dART technology.

Proving the Viability of Decentralized NFT Insurance

By facilitating insurance coverage on a widely used NFT platform, this collaboration will provide the entry point for decentralized NFT insurance, proving the feasibility of our use case. Users will be able to take out insurance coverage directly from the CPA & CPL network, making it highly accessible and easy to purchase for all. Through developing this concept, we will be able to promote the digital art and NFT industry’s legitimacy, showing everyone the new protection mechanisms we have enabled to guarantee that NFTs fulfill their roles as a rare, digital, and collectible store of value.

About ArtCollecting.info

ArtCollecting.info launched in 2016, helping businesses and e-commerce sites with solutions for their online galleries and digital auctions. As one of the first players in this rapidly expanding niche, ArtCollecting.info has established itself as a go-to platform for contemporary art. They have worked with over 50 different digital marketplaces, servicing organizations ranging from shopping centers, luxury markets, and magazine publishers. We are ready to showcase dART to the world, and are happy to have ArtCollecting.info on board as our first official referral partner.

About dART

dART is the first decentralized NFT insurance platform on the market, preparing to launch on Binance Smart Chain’s intuitive and highly active network. With NFTs generating hundreds of millions of dollars of monthly trading volume, we provide a way for users to protect their valuable digital assets, which can regularly surpass seven or eight-figure sums.

By innovating on the traditional insurance model and introducing bonus features through the use of blockchain technology, dART will be able to reward platform stakeholders while providing safe, verifiable, and straightforward insurance coverage to this rapidly expanding digital marketplace.